RB 480 24 YX

Product Benefits:

  • Tough zirconia alumina grain provides high stock removal rates and long tool life
  • Polyester/Cotton cloth backing ensures smooth running for belts and wide belts 
  • Universal use for dry and wet grinding (resistant to water, emulsion and oil)
  • Especially suitable for converting flap discs 


  • Flat grinding of steel and stainless steel coils and sheets on stationary belt and wide belt grinding machines
  • Centreless grinding of tubes, rollers and bars on stationary belt grinding machines
  • Deburring of stampings out of steel and stainless steel and castings out of aluminium and out of other non-ferrous metals

Product Structure: 

  • Type: 48024 
  • Grain: Zirconia alumina 
  • Bonding: Resin 
  • Backing: YX-cloth 
  • Coating: closed 
  • Grit range: + 24, + 36 - + 120


Brand Hermes Abrasives