Stable aluminium oxide abrasive paper for universal use

Product Benefits

  • Sharp Aluminum oxide grain and open coating mean high stock removal rates

  • Low loading characteristics

  • Materials have very good surface quality

  • Flexible paper backing Good price/performance ratio


  • Used for manual and mechanical sanding on metal, wood, lacquer, paint, primer, filler, plastic and Aluminum.

  • Boat-building, lacquer-processing furniture and wood industry, painters, cabinet-makers and carpenters, plastic processing industry, distributors

Product Structure:

  • Type: 15200

  • Grain: Aluminium Oxide

  • Bonding: Resin

  • Backing:D-/C-weight paper

  • Coating: Open

  • Grit Range: P 40, P 60 - P 320, P 400


Brand Hermes Abrasives