Inox Cut-off Wheels

These Inox Cut-off wheels are designed to give the user a fast, comfortable cut while providing long life and performance advantages over conventional products. Ideal in metal fabrication, maintenance repair, and general industrial applications.This Inox Cut-Off Wheel has ultra-thin design for minimal material loss while cutting. These Cut off Wheels are made with premium Aluminum Oxide grain which allows for fast cutting action and extended life. This reinforced wheel works great whether cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or metals, and its ultra-thin design minimizes material loss while maximizing precision.

Product Features:

  • Ultra-thin
  • Fiber Glass Reinforced
  • Great Value 
  • Cuts with minimal material loss

Works well on the following Materials:

  • Stainless Steel (Inox)
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Various Others

Use on:

  • Angle Grinder


  • Dimensions = 107mm x 1.2mm x 16
                         125mm x 1.2 x 22.2mm
  • Max RPM = 14,300 and 11000
  • Material = Premium Aluminum Oxide
  • Bond = (BF) Reinforced Resinoid Bond



Cutting sheet metal, profiles and solid material

SKU ICD10001
Brand Generic

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