100mm x 610mm (4" x 24") Cloth Portable Sanding Belts

100mmx 610mm (4" x 24") Cloth Portable Sanding belt for belt sanders are manufactured with extremely tough, tear-resistant, x weight backing and top of the line Aluminum Oxide abrasive grains. Perfect for sanding grinding or polishing jobs ranging from woodworking, cabinet making, and furniture sanding to metal grinding and finishing. These Aluminum Oxide sanding belts are some of the most used abrasive belts due to their diverse array of sanding applications and their affordable prices. These sanding belts a perfect option for day to day deburring, sanding down splinters, or jagged edges. 100mmx 610 mm aluminum Oxide Portable Sanding belts come in 40 grit and 60 grit for more aggressive stock removal, 80 grit, 100 grit and 120 grit, 150 grit for medium to light sanding. 

Various Pack Quantities and Grits Available. Choose from the dropdown menu.

Product Features
  • Bi-Directional - the belt can be run in either direction
  • Closed Coated - 100% of the belt is covered in abrasive grains.
  • The durable, heavy X-weight backing and open-coat design make them ideal in heat-sensitive applications
    and a great choice when you need to minimize loading on wood and soft metals.

Works well on the following materials:

  • Most Ferrous metals (including cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, wrought iron)
  • Composites
  • Plastics
  • Wood

Use on:

  • Portable Belt Sander


  • Size: 100mm(W) x 610mm(L) ( 4" x 24")
  •  Abrasive Material: Premium Aluminium Oxide Grain
  • Grits: P40, P60, P80, P100, P120, P150



For General Metal and Wood Grinding, Finishing

Size: 100mm x 610mm

Available Grits: P40-150


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