100mm x 100mm x 19mm Surface Conditioning Satin Finishing Drum 

Surface Conditioning Satin Finishing Abrasive Drums are designed to clean, blend, finish and condition metal with ease. Each non-woven drum is manufactured with premium nylon webbing infused with aluminum oxide grains centered around the 19mm keyed shaft. The porous, non-woven structure promotes airflow and resists loading which prolongs the useful life of the wheel and reduces heat buildup which may stain or distort workpieces. The 100mm(4”) surface finishing drum offers a greater sanding surface area compared to surface conditioning quick change or flap discs making them ideal for large jobs. 

Product Features:

  • Operates with superior economy
  • Produces a uniform surface from start to finish
  • Designed to created satin or matt finish on stainless steel and other metals

Works well on: 

  • All Metals
  • Light Rust Removal
  • Light Paint Removal
  • Surface Conditioning and Finishing
  • Creating Brushed Satin Finish
  • Prep before Buffing

Use on:

  • Burnishing Tool
  • Contour Grinder
  • Finishing Tool
  • Surface Conditioning Tool
  • Linear Grinder


  • Wide =100mm(4")
  • Diameter = 100mm(4")
  • Keyed Shaft = 19mm
  • Material = Aluminum Oxide / Non Woven
  • Grits: 80, 120, 180 and 320


for blending a very fine satin finish

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